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Transfiguration Window

South Quire Aisle. - Mel Howse
Transiguration design. - Mel Howse
Superimposed window concept. - Mel Howse
Original design detail. - Mel Howse
Detail from stained glass sample. - Mel Howse
Original design detail. - Mel Howse
Location: Durham Cathedral
Mel Howse was one of five artists shortlisted to design for the new Transfiguration Window at Durham Cathedral. The window is located in the South Quire Aisle beside St Cuthbert's Shrine. These slides show the design and some interpretations of the design in glass. The design brief was to create a window in memorial to Bishop Michael Ramsay.

Size: 3.4m x 6.4m
Date: 2007
Team: Design Submission