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St Mary's House Chapel - Brighton

Interior view from behind the altar looking towards the west windows - Mel Howse
The new glass altar - Mel Howse
Interior of new chapel showing altar, reredos and some stations - Mel Howse
Interior view on approach from the west door - Mel Howse
An exterior shot of the new subterranian chapel - Mel Howse
The 4th Station of the Cross: Jesus meets his mother - Mel Howse
The 8th Station of the Cross: Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem - Mel Howse
The 11th Station of the Cross: Nailed to the Cross - Mel Howse
The 7th Station of the Cross: Jesus falls a second time - Mel Howse
Detail from the 4th Station - Mel Howse
Detail from West Window 2 - Mel Howse
West Window No.3: Feeding the Poor, Feeding the Soul - Mel Howse
West Window No.2: Hospitality Friendship and Healing - Mel Howse
Detail from West Window 2 - Mel Howse
Detail from West Window 6 - Mel Howse
West Window No.1: The Light of the World - Mel Howse
West Window No.5: Feeding the Poor.  Growth and New Life - Mel Howse
West Window No.6: Housing the Elderly. The Community - Mel Howse
Location: Brighton
The Grace and Compassion Benedictine Sisters commissioned this comprehensive collection of works for their new chapel building in Brighton. The architect, Peter Pritchett conceived the building with the art integral to it. The complete collection designed and created by Mel encompassed fourteen unusual Stations of the Cross in enamelled and jet-cut glass, 6 etched West Windows, a reredos and a stunning glass Altar.
Date: July 2010
Team: John D Clarke Architects