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Winchester University College Chapel

The Winchester Windows - Mel Howse
The Winchester Windows - Mel Howse
Saint Edburga - Mel Howse
Saint Edburga & Challice - Mel Howse
alttext  - Mel Howse
alttext  - Mel Howse
Queen Ealhswith - Mel Howse
Detail - Mel Howse
The challice - Mel Howse
Queen Ealhswith lettering - Mel Howse
Location: Winchester
These stained glass and etched windows were created by Mel Howse for Winchester University College Chapel. The two inspiring female saints reside among a chapel full of Victorian male figures. The very contemporary additions are a breath of fresh air in this much used community space, reflecting worship at the University today. Their light, bright message speaks of dedication, the love of God, and God's love for humanity.

The design depicts two female figures: Queen Ealhswith or Ealhswitha (852 905), the wife of King Alfred the Great, and St Edburga (920 - 960). Both these women have local links to Winchester and were dedicated to their faith.
Date: 2012