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"How Awesome is this Place" - Carved Glass Double Doors at Brighton St Pauls

Etched writing into frame - Mel Howse
How Awesome is this Place - The House of God and the Gate of Heaven - Mel Howse
Right-hand door - Mel Howse
Right-hand door - Mel Howse
Detail of etchng (including bespoke hinges) - Mel Howse
Detail of sand carving - Mel Howse
Detail of dedication lettering - Mel Howse
Bespoke hardware - Mel Howse
Before and After - Mel Howse
Location: Brighton St Pauls
A synergistic approach to architectural glass art. Spiritual doorways. A double pair of carved and polished, toughened glass doors were installed at St Paul's Brighton. The new work graces the openings with art that functions alongside the view of the rich interior which is such a special element in this inner city church.

St Paul and mackerel are the theme of the art. Once a year St Paul's church celebrates the fishing heritage of this cosmopolitan, thriving seaside city by blessing the mackerel. In decades past local fisherman used the vestry for hanging out their nets to dry.

The bible text 'Genesis 28 : 17' appears at the head of each door arch, along with an inscription in memory to the donor on the right hand doors.

Bespoke ironmongery features as part of this commission.
Size: 2No 2.1m x 3.3m
Date: 2011
Team: Carden & Godfrey Architects