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The St Cuthman & St Wilfrid Window at Chidham St Mary's

St Cuthman & St Wilfrid Window - Mel Howse
St Cuthman and his mother - Mel Howse
Detail - Mel Howse
St Wilfrid detail - Mel Howse
Location: Chidham St Mary's
The St Cuthman & St Wilfrid window was created for St Mary's Chidham, a beautiful Saxon church in a rural coastal setting. Both the Saints shown in the design for the A-symetric openings have local links.

Created in heavily etched stained glass it depicts in the left light, St Cuthman taking his mother to Steyning along the coast - in a wheel barrow!

In the right side of the window St Wilfrid is teaching the local people to fish. Fishing and fish are of course wonderful Christian symbols. As
St Wilfrid is hauling in the fishing nets, the fish are leaping to him – and sea-gulls swooping to join the activity.
Date: 2009